The stages of egg-decorating

 Decorated eggs, either dyed or decorated with beads, are characteristic of our part of the country, Bukovina. With their models, vivid or pastel colours and the way in which patterns are applied, these eggs are the heralds of Easter, alongside the red-dyed eggs. We shall however focus on the decorated eggs, be they duck, goose or ostrich eggs, since the technique is the same.

The materials we use are the following: coloured wax in heated metallic boxes, so as to remain liquid, chisita, i.e. a special wooden pencil which has a very thin tin top thus allowing the filtering of wax, and last but not least the patterns from traditional Romanian shirts, girdles, table cloths or any other traditional patterns which may be adapted to these eggs. In conclusion, one needs few materials but lots of skill and most of all imagination. In the following pages we would like to introduce you to some Romanian traditional costumes and their originating area, which we have adapted to the art of egg-decorating.



The stages of icon painting

In order to paint an icon one needs a special piece of wood processed with wood flour and bone glue, which may be home-made or directly bought from a specialized shop. For this technique one uses only tempera colours obtained from pure pigments mixed with emulsion (yolk and vinegar).